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Retreat into simplicity

The longing for freedom can be fulfilled in the original surroundings of pine forests, high up in the mountains and on Alpine meadows. Simply unplug everything and let yourself be. Omnipresent nature opens the senses to the essential while creating space for deep regeneration.

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Built from local spruce and Swiss stone pine, the chalets reflect the character and attitude to life of South Tyrol’s original mountain huts. As a luxuriously furnished refuge, they are specially designed for longer stays that ensure lasting relaxation.

  • Odleslodge Lodge

    Lodge 1

    Surrounded by dense pine forests, the interior of the lodges is also dominated by pine wood. The essential oils of untreated local timber have been shown to have positive effects on sleep.

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  • Odleslodge Lodge

    Lodge 2

    People come closer on the mountains and open up to things for which there is no time in everyday life. Joint activities such as cooking for all the family, card games and adventures in the natural world become the focus of life.

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  • Odleslodge Lodge

    Lodge 3

    At a distance from the everyday, mindfulness and an appreciation for simplicity can gain the space required to flourish: breakfast in style on the large terrace in warm summer weather, or snuggle up together by the fireplace on cold winter evenings.

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  • Odleslodge Lodge

    Lodge 4

    The large, south-facing glass surfaces let the lodge merge with its natural surroundings and the Dolomites. Your awareness of nature is enhanced, whether on clear starry nights with the curtains open or in the deep silence of the mountain winter.

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Odleslodge Spa

The purity of water

Water of exceptional purity flows from our springs on the Plose mountain at 2,000 metres above sea level, supplying the bathrooms of the lodges and the Forest Pool. The excellent quality of the drinking water promotes cell regeneration and stimulates the human intuition to drink more. The green courtyard of the chalets contains a small, private spa area with a pool, stone pine sauna, steam bath and relaxation bags. You are also welcome to book spa treatments at the nearby Forestis.

Odles Lodges Brixen Dolomites

The originality of life on a mountain pasture

Retreating to a mountain pasture in the traditional sense means leaving your everyday life and the outside world behind for a longer period and adjusting to a life of self-sufficiency high up in the Alps. With this in mind, we have equipped the chalets with typical South Tyrolean specialities for such a life, such as homemade jams and juices, dairy products from our farmers, eggs, smoked ham and smoked fish. Every day we deliver a mountain breakfast to your door, while our services include a full fridge when you first arrive, Forestis teas and final cleaning. We can also offer shopping and shuttle services on request.

Nature in the Dolomites

The phenomena of nature can be seen in full clarity in the high mountain scenery of the Dolomites – from snow-covered landscapes in winter to sudden thunderstorms in the summer months.

  • Odelslodge


    In the cool spring air, the first harbingers of the warmer months can be seen on the forest floor and in the mountain meadows. The air is particularly clear following winter and, on cloudless nights, the constellations are visible to the naked eye.

  • Odleslodge Spa


    Nature reaches its zenith with the powerfully tangy aromas that can be sensed at high altitudes. Farm animals build up strength for winter, grazing on the meadows with their many herbs. Summer offers endless opportunities for observing nature from close-up.

  • Odelslodge


    The late summer thunderstorms considerably cool the air. The humid autumn air creates the ideal conditions for the growth of mosses and fungi, while the green of the larches slowly gives way to the warm orange tones of autumn.

  • FORESTIS Aussenansicht Winter


    Heavy snowfall at 2,000 metres above sea level plunges the landscape into absolute silence. The tranquillity of nature lends a meditative character to winter walks and snowshoe excursions. The pistes on the Plose can be reached in just a few minutes on skis or snowboard.

Odles Lodges Brixen Dolomites FORESTIS Aussenansicht Sommer


The FORESTIS hideaway is located just a few kilometres from the ODLES LODGE, in the midst of pristine mountain forests at an altitude of 1,800 metres. On prior arrangement, guests can sample the restaurant at FORESTIS and enjoy treatments at the spa.

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